Monday, 26 December 2016

Scary Experiences

Help - so scared!  I have two friends (a chap and a lady) who I’ve known for around 8-9 years, they are both completely lovely.  We started out as work colleagues and over the years we grew closer.  When we all stopped working together, it started out with lunch meetings and over the years has turned mainly into an annual meet up for lunch.  This year its happening later this week.

They are familiar with the fact that I am transgender.  Since they found out, they’ve always been supportive and very kind about my gender issues.  Yesterday we were sharing a joint text conversation wishing each other a Merry Christmas and I’m not sure what grabbed me, but I finally thought that it was time to introduce them in person to the real me.  Oh my goodness.  It seemed like a very good idea at the time, but today the butterflies have already been flying around in my tummy and I’m scared.  This is the first time I’ve introduced Rhiannon to work folk in such a formal setting and am scared - they are people I really respect and I care about their views.  I don’t want them to just see a man in a dress and to pity me.  I want to hold my own as a girl with them.  Did I mention that I’m feeling a little bit of pressure.

I’m thinking that I’m going to wear my favourite dress that I’ve been talking about obsessively.  And I’m hoping that it goes ok and that its not a complete nightmare.  Oh goodness I’m so scared.


  1. It's ok to be anxious and excited about it, but don't be scared. I'm sure you're going to have a lovely time with your friends, and they'll treat you as you are . . . a friend.

    1. Thank you Tess :o) I really hope they will - I'm sure it'll be ok. But anxiety is definitely high at the moment. I know that I'm heading on a slippery slope to transition and I guess that should make it easier, but is making every step more important. Just need my girlfriends to help me even more at the moment - thank you so much for being there. x

  2. If they have been fine with it up to now, they'll treat you right this time as well. Try not to be nervous (though that will be tough), and go have a good time!


  3. I second what Mandy said. :)

    All you have to do is be yourself, hon. Because she rocks! Don't you forget it, either! ;-p

    Have a great time, girl! I'm proud of you!!!


  4. Nerves are entirely natural and I bet your friends are feeling just as nervous since its the first time they'll be meeting you as you.

    Relax and have a good time with your friends.

  5. Understandable that you're scared Rhiannon but given that they're already friends who know and are supportive I expect everything will be just fine.

    Try not to think too much about it and most importantly don't go ruining the hard work you've done with your dieting by turning to food and drink during times like this.

    Take care,


  6. Yes, it's scary, but all the good things worth seeking often are. If we always stayed in our comfort zones, would we get anywhere? Actually, don't answer that :-)

    Good luck, take a deep breath and know if you can go out amongst strangers, you can manage it with friends.

    BTW, piccies or it didn't happen ;-)

  7. Thank you so so much to you all - I really appreciate the support - I'm feeling so encouraged!! Still v scared, but definitely going to do it. They will be fantastic I'm sure - they are both very confident people who have no issues with standing up for themselves or me - they are both very senior in their respective organisations and are used to tackling people should I get into any difficulty that I can' resolve myself.

    Lynn - lol - I will definitely endeavour to get a photo or two! :o) xxx

    Did I mention thank you? - honestly, what more good friends and supporters could I ask for. You are all completely lovely!! x

  8. You will be surprised at how accepting they are and how good you will feel during and afterwards....

    1. Thank you Joanna. I've just blogged with how it went - and you were absolutely 100% spot on :o) - I'm so so happy! x