Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I remembered how to cheer myself up...

I know my blogs have been unhappy of late for which I apologise.  Every effort is being made to be chirpy forthwith.  Starting right here in fact...

Yesterday, I was travelling home from work - I'd been working away - and I thought I would pop into Boots to buy some new nail polish.  Buying natural colour tights was really the aim of the expedition, but who wants to stick with just boring natural tights when there is a distracting colour fest available?  I think that you really need colour to balance out the shopping basket, surely?  And after all, its not like I'm obsessed with nail polish or anything like that.  Or that this blog would incriminate me in any way!  Or that my toes are always painted apart from the two weeks a year on holiday with the kids.

Anyway, so I arrived at the shop ready to buy.  As you know, I have been sad for a while.  In fact this has meant that I've not even not been shopping or put on nail polish for weeks.   So glumly, I was looking at the range available and noted that they didn't have my favourite colour in. :o(((  Was even Boots the Chemist conspiring against me in conjunction with the evil people from Rimmel?  I just love the oddly named red called, 'hearts on fire'.  What else could add to my woes?

But then I saw it and instantly smiled again.  Clearly, just for me, they'd renamed my favourite colour (or a near facsimile) with something that cheered me up no end.  I purchased a bottle of Rimmel's 'rock n roll'.  :o)  Such a cool name.  Boots and Rimmel are both redeemed!

And I'm not saying (see picture) that my skills are any good in terms of application.  In fact, they are usually better than the photographic evidence would imply.  But when I got home, poured a glass of wine (of course), got changed into my skimpy nightdress (I know - too much information) and put on my nail polish, I was really really happy.