Saturday, 24 December 2016

Its Official!

So apart from taking to the blog to wish you a very very Merry Christmas, I went to fat club this morning for the pre-Christmas weigh in and... a week ahead of when I thought it would happen, I managed to get my 3-stone lost award which was just a fantastic feeling.  Clearly I have a long way to go still.  2017 is going to see another 7-stone+ melting away, but its a good start and I’m feeling very happy and encouraged.

In other news, I've just had a week with lots of Rhiannon time which never fails to make me feel very happy.  Monday saw me going out with two girlfriends for Christmas lunch.  I was going to go originally in boy mode as I’m always conscious that I don’t want it to be forced on people all the time.  But I couldn’t resist and my favourite dress beckoned.  So out again in a dress it was.  My friends were lovely, the staff were friendly and kind and just accepted me as another lady out for lunch with her friends.  Complete bliss.  One of the things I'm always wondering about is my confidence when I'm out.  I asked S, who was with me,how I did and she said that she felt that I was much much more confident today than ever before.  So so happy!

Then we had our office mini-party later in the week.  Another Rhiannon day and my favourite Christmas present of the year from A who got me a Radley compact mirror.  I’ve been coveting hers all year and it made my day to get one of my own.  We drank nice wine until much too late and had lovely food from the on-site caterers.

I even had a lovely evening alone in a hotel this week which was so nice.  Don’t do that so much these days.  An evening of tea, work and slobbing in my favourite skinny jeans and a nice top.  Even got my nails painted a festive red! :o)

Rhiannon goes quiet now as I do the family thing for the next week, but I really hope that 2017 is both a year of growth as a woman and fingers crossed may include an opportunity to take things even further.  Full of hope and excitement for the year to come.


  1. A very Merry Xmas to you too Rhiannon. Congratulations on the weight loss award, keep up the hard work. Great to read you had time as Rhiannon, sounds like your outings went well.

    Best Wishes


    Nice photo BTW.

    1. Thank you Lotte :o) - Merry Christmas to you too - hope you have a great day. Going to be so sad not to present as me during the day, but I am who I am inside anyway! Take care lovely lady xxx

  2. Wow, that's a grand achievement. Congratulations!

    Lovely to hear that you've had a fab run up to Xmas. I hope you have a good one.

    L x

    1. Thank you Lynn - good start definitely, fighting on now to great loss!! :o) Hope Mrs J, the kids and you have an amazing day together! Speak soon xxx

  3. Merry Christmas, Miss R! And congratulations!!!


    1. Thank you - a good day all things considered. And a New Dr Who to watch :o) Sad geek that I am. Really hoping that I can keep the weight loss pace going! xxx