Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I may be a drama queen after all

This little episode has got me accused of all sorts (thanks Sarah!).  Not least that I have achieved new levels of drama queenery (is that a word?).  At the weekend, despite the best-laid plans to be incredibly cheerful, I was not feeling very well.  I don’t get ill that often, and when I do I always exaggerate my symptoms.  I am one of those recklessly foolish people who ALWAYS take the…I’m searching for a word that would make me not seem so stupid…but I can’t find one, so imbecilic will have to do.  I made the imbecilic decision to Google my symptoms.

After a half an hour of searching I realised to my horror that my illness was likely to result in having one or both of my feet amputated.  I kid you not.  I am normally a very rational, sensible person who is quite intelligent and relatively articulate, but I was genuinely fearful.  I spent the weekend under the fug of fear, worrying.

Anyway, despite the fever pitch I had got myself into by Monday, I forced myself to ring the doctor.  If I was going down, I was going to go down as a big girl’s blouse – quite literally.  So I booked and went to the morning emergency appointment.  After about 5 minutes of time with the Doctor, I realised two things.  Firstly, that I may have a problem with overreaction.  Secondly that he was about 1% as concerned as I was and that there really was nothing that abnormal.  Blood tests – why do they always send me for blood tests – needed to be done, but apart from that, no need to worry to these hysterical levels.

Instead of walking out relieved, I started thinking – ooh, he’s very young.  Does he really know what he’s doing?  He could be mistaken.  Google is well known for its medical expertise.  Maybe I should get a second opinion.  I didn’t.  I went back to my first realisation – i.e. that I may have a slight tendency towards overreaction.   I’m sure he knows what he’s doing and despite everything, I might be ok for another week or two rather than imminently facing destruction.

But what’s the point of all of this?  Its simple really.  When I got my Google diagnosis, as even more stupid and facile as this sounds, the big thought that crossed my mind is that I might never wear heels again.  For someone who is trying not to be the girl anymore, don’t you think that’s an odd thing to think?


  1. There is nothing better in life than being a drama queen! Why suffer in silence when you can weep and wail in public and receive sympathy and gifts as a result.

    There have been many an occasion when had I not publicly announced my imminent death from some tropical insect bite that I would have missed out on cards, chocolates, flowers and even hampers.

    Obviously I have always got over the insect bites but enjoyed the attention along the way ;-)

    Queen on Dahlink!

  2. Now that is a fantastic idea! I suddenly feel it getting worse again...

    I really don't know how I can keep this only being the boy thing up. Its really not working at all!

  3. I am very glad that the Dr has put your mind at rest. As for the blood tests - if you take some bigger steps on this road you might get quite used to having blood taken !

    If you really wanted an excuse to play the drama queen in the Dr's then tell him you are T something - that would get some attention.

    As for attention - this might be me but isn't that a new photograph on your profile. You look great !


  4. It was quite a relief- and thank you for spotting the new photo! I have quite a few - I should swap them more often!

    Rhi x