Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Into the archive

I honestly will get back to some 'real' content soon, but I was going through my old files this morning and strayed into my back catalogue, so for completeness wanted to add a few of these shots into the mix.  These were taken back in 2009-2010, which seems like ages ago, showing four main points:

1. my look has come on a lot in that time - I think for the better, although that black dress is cute - not sure I can qualify for LBD status given the Trades Description Act!

2. I was a fair bit slimmer then!  Really need to work on that now!

3. I have become more demure and less tarty.

4. brunette works better on me than being a redhead!  In my opinion - please feel free to differ!

Anyway, here you go:


  1. Definitely prefer brunette to redhead - you should know better than to do warm colouring ;-)

    I absolutely love the 6th pic down, very moody and make up application is brilliant. You've really mastered the art of 'proper' make-up rather than drag queen which is so NOT you.

    I think your journey in pictures has shown just how 'female' you have become all on your own over the past year.

    Well done hun xxx

  2. May I second the appreciation for photo six? It's not just a good photo, I think it shows you in a positive way. Very natural.

  3. Hi Rhiannon,

    These pics are fine, but there is no denying that the ones from a couple of posts back are even better.

    I too prefer the brunette wig. It's funny how having the right hair improves the whole look. When my old wig had (ahem..) a nasty accident and had to be replaced, I reckoned that the difference cancelled out the effect of having to wear glasses. 10dB in each case. (If you are not a techie, ask one what 10dB is.)

    By the way, size is important, but be the size that feels comfortable to you. Punishment hurts the soul.

    All the best!