Sunday, 15 July 2012

Make up shopping and the clear nail quandry

Sneaking around a little yesterday was probably a bit bad.  But I really needed to do a little make up shopping without Mrs A knowing.  Going back to my previous blog, I think that it is harder to buy make up than it is to buy clothes to be honest - in terms of the looks you get from other patrons.  But not only am I back on the horse, I’m kinda galloping at the moment really.  So I didn't really care.

The trip wasn’t a general browse, I was on a mission.  Considering it to be a mission actually helps - it brings out the Jane Bond in me :o).  I needed to get three specific things.  Clearly I went home with more, but that’s not the point!   But whole manoeuvre did end up involving two different Boot’s stores to get what I wanted.

So I went off in boy mode.  The first thing to get was the easiest: nail polish remover.  I don’t know about you, but I really hate that smelly bottle liquid stuff.  As well as the horrible smell, clumsy girl me and open liquid bottles don’t mix.  On a recent photo taking session at the lovely Trans-Femme, I managed to spill most of a bottle.  And woah, did it hum.  So I’ve always used Quickies.  They smell really pleasant, don’t seem to dry out for ages and are good at getting off the demon stuff that hides in every nail crevice and hole it can find.   Red is the worst.  Looks fab on, a cow to completely clear so that nosy wives won’t notice.

So I got these in my first Boots.  And you can’t buy just that.  Clearly.  So I also got some new nail polish: ‘Urban Purple’ and Clearly Clear.  More on the clear nail polish later.  I tried to look for the other two things, but no such luck.  Smallish selection in a suburban Boots and slightly intimidating looking shop assistant.   Both succeeded in putting me off.

Instead I decided to head into town to see if I could do any better.  I arrived at the No 7 counter in Boot's and after a wait - I don’t think they realised immediately that I needed help, I was served.  The reason it was easier this time than ever before was that the No 7 counter, now serves men products.  So I was able to surreptitiously inspect those while I waited.  Phew.  Meant I looked all manly and not like some big girl’s blouse.  :o)  Once I did get served, the lady helping me was lovely.  Thumbs up to Boots staff again.

The second thing I needed was new below-eye concealer.  Working too hard has led to ugly dark rings and bags on my eyes and I hate them.  This product seems to work miracles a lot of the time!  Last time I bought No 7 ‘Instant Radiance Concealer’ in Shade 2.  Can I be honest?  I bought it in that shade because I panicked when they asked me what facial complexion it was for.  I lied and made out it was for Mrs A.  Stupid.  She is much paler than me, so it has never quite worked.  This time I fessed up that it was for me.  The nice Boots lady advised me on getting Shade 3 - and she was right.  Works much better.

When I got my photos done earlier in the week - I was really happy with them.  Except for one thing.  My eyebrows.  Compared to the wig colour, I think that they are a touch light.  It bugged me anyway.  So I know you can buy eyebrow pencils, so I took the dilemma to my helpful shop assistant.  Switching on my phone and bringing up a picture from my blog, I showed her and told her that I was trying to match the wig colour.  She didn’t react at all.  But instead surprised me.  She suggested that instead of a pencil (which can sometimes be too harsh apparently) that eye shadow put on with a lip pencil would be a good solution.  I bought it.  Eye shadow in Mocha.  I haven’t tried that one yet, but will let you know how it goes.  Buying two things meant I got to take advantage of a buy two get one free offer.  Yay!  Some new non-clumping mascara got added to the bag.

Then finally, the No 7 counter is next door to the wall of perfume.  I’ve wanted to buy some perfume for a long time.  So I got that too for good measure.  I don’t know about you, but the dilemma I have been considering for sometime was Mrs A smelling perfume on me and whether its impossible to get the smell off.  So I have to own up to some more sneakiness - I bought the same as she uses.  I can claim innocence if it lingers.  Wrong I know.  Again, would be interested in how some of you deal with that issue or whether you just don't bother?

And finally (sorry didn’t mean it to take this long to get to the point).  But my good friend Becca of muttering fame is an advocate of clear nail varnish.  Hence the purchase.  I put some on this morning and she’s right it looks lovely.  But it also still looks a bit too obvious that it is there.  In the little sunshine we have here, it kept glinting and sparkling.  I was wondering if any of you have any experience of wearing this and whether it is as noticeable as I think?  I would like to wear it as an ordinarily done thing, but I don’t want to constantly get called on it.

Phew that was long - sorry!  But hopefully you stuck with me to the end and your advice would be appreciated.  Have a fab day! :o)


  1. Way to go .... I am really really happy for you. Shop assistants are not phased and the more upfront you are the easier. The will never say anything (they don't want the sack) and you get help and get what works.

    I am well beyond worrying about my polish ~ nails are always gleaming these days. Anyway if some one says anything just say that it's hardener as they have been so brittle of late. Simples.


    By the way I hope you have an advantage card. Get it registered as female and get loads of offers !

    1. That is a phenomenal idea - did you register under boy name too, or girl name? I have a slight issue with girl name letters coming to my house - as you can imagine! :o)

      I wish I had the bravery of being beyond worrying and that I had such enlightened people as Mrs B around me.

      Oh well...

      But you are right about shop assistants - they are normally really nice. And I think some of them even do it because they want to rather than thinking they are going to be fired!! :o)

  2. Have you tried a base coat for your nails? I find that when I use that first, when I do take the polish off, it comes off easier and with less residue.

    Top job on toughing it out at the make-up counter and interesting news on using an eye shadow on your brows. I may try that! But, perhaps not in a glittery colour. ;-)

    1. I've never really used base coat before on my nails - always just double layered the polish. That normally makes it worse! Or I buy a thicker nail polish. Will try base coat forthwith.

      Can you imagine trying to get glitter out of eyebrows? OMG.

  3. Perfume is one thing I will never mess with, despite a strong desire to. My wife is ultra sensitive to the stuff and never wears it herself. It does not really wash off either. Novel idea you have wearing the same as the missus, but I wonder if she would assume that you were getting into her things if you smelled of it.

    1. You've got me worried now! But I work away for days at a time, so hopefully, I can avoid any mishaps with the right degree of timing! Hmmmm. Thank you for the reality check! :o)

      I do use women's body spray when I am away in the evenings, but that stuff washes off easily with a shower...