Tuesday, 10 July 2012

On black ties and dinner jackets...

Just a really quick one today - need to get ready to go out.  But last night was the long dreaded night of the black tie dinner.  I have avoided it every year, but last year promised that I would go in 2012, so I thought I better.  The order of the evening is basically every possible shade of a nightmare.  It is 60% women wearing amazing dresses, looking very nice with amazing shoes to boot.  As you would expect with this type of thing, they all make maximum effort.  The make up is great, the heels high, dresses short, legs shaved and tanned.  Everything it should be really.

By contrast, I was boiling hot in a humid room in my black tie and DJ.  If you imagine being at the North Pole and thinking, I knew it was better at the South Pole.  It was poles apart.  Sorry - couldn’t resist.

I actually worked out and perfectly executed my strategy.  The room was huge, so I went right to the side and sat where I couldn’t see lots of people.  Fortunately it was fairly dark too, with low lighting.   I sat with people who I really like and feel very comfortable around.  Extreme?  Possibly, but I know other people feel the same as me that this kind of thing can be the source of days of difficult self-reflection and unhappiness.  Whether that’s right or wrong, in some ways isn’t the issue.

The result?  I enjoyed it really.  Clearly I would have preferred to be there in something more comfortable Mr Bond.  But it could have been worse.  The interesting thing for me, which is a more valid question than ‘is this extreme?', is 'when did I return to this being such an issue for me'?  I thought I was making progress in being normal, but the last few months are making me wonder whether that's true.

The girl in me is raising her head at the moment.  And for now, I really like it when she does.

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  1. Isbt this normal life ? The pretty girl wanting to sit away from the lecherous boss, the staff avoiding the boring colleague or the girl being forced to play a role that doesn't feel comfortable ?

    As for the girl coming back ~ she didn't go away as she is you. She needs to be acknowledged ~ she can't be ignored and she wants her days in the sun (don't we all) in the absence of nice weather a photo shoot will have to do :-)