Thursday, 15 March 2012

A very ordinary night...

Possibly the most boring (and short) blog of the year or of the ever.  But I wanted to share that tonight, I was happy.   Really happy.

Had a bit of a tough day what with one thing and another and the rest of my week is shaping up to be a challenge too.  But I am staying away at a hotel tonight working and I haven’t spent time in Rhiannon mode much recently for various reasons.  And I was feeling grumpy about it.  I arrived back tonight and just didn’t feel like it at all.  I watched some TV and then thought, actually, I’m going to do it.  Full on tonight and that’s it.

So I got everything out and put it all on.  My make up worked really well, the new wig was perfect, my new pink top is so cute and goes well with my red cardigan.  The new nude shoes were quite literally everything I dreamed they would be.  My new forms brought some authenticity and I just felt great.  I spent the whole evening relaxing, went on line, drank a couple of glasses of red and just was happy.

I don’t like tempting fate by posting such blogs normally.  But it was one of those nights where you know that being a girl is actually what you were born to be.  But, instead of that fact turning into overwhelming frustration at the gap between actual and what should be, it turned into a very satisfied, nice (sorry horrible word) experience.

There has to be a downside and the only two downsides were that I had to take it all off.  And that I know, at the moment, that I can’t do it all the time.  But given my last post and that actually I felt cute and feminine, it meant that more journies out have to be on the cards.  Surely.

Don't burst my bubble (and allow for it being a basic camera and less than ideal lighting!), but here you go:


  1. You look lovely as always ! Great that you had a good night !


  2. Like the new design by the way on the blog :-)

  3. Thank you so much Becca and Penny - you are such dolls! :o)