Friday, 23 March 2012

On nail polish alone...

I absolutely love the stuff.  Don’t know what it is, but when I have painted fingernails and I catch a glance of them, or particularly when I’m typing and I see my digits whizzing across the keyboard with a whole load of colour on them, I feel so womanly and there is a leap of tinglyness that happens inside me.  Why is that?  Its just a coloured nail for heaven’s sake.

One of the huge risks I take in my daily life is that pretty much all the time, my toe nails are painted.  I’ve given up to a large degree on trying to blend my girl side into my boy side.  It was distracting and made me nervous about whether I’d be caught etc.  And whilst I don’t mind these days if people do find out, in some ways its a relief, I don’t necessarily want to make it really obvious either.  But there is something delicious, that makes me smile, when I’m in a boring meeting and I remember that my nails are painted.  It somehow immediately connects me back to my girl side and in the macho world of work, gives me a Rhiannon moment when I least expect it.  Clearly there are logistical issues around wearing nail polish and I have even developed a routine that means Mrs A rarely sees my feet without socks on.  Devious and wrong I know, but a small sacrifice for her I’m sure.

I don’t go to a nail polish, they do it for you, shop, it is all self applied.   This has meant up to press that a) it was a slightly wonky application and that b) I was using my own real stumpy nails.  Recently, I’ve been practicing.  So I’m actually now getting much better and I’ve been secretly growing my nails so that they aren’t stumpy.  By that I don’t mean I’ve taken them off and am growing them in a flower pot somewhere.  Honestly, keep up :o).  No, I’ve just been allowing them to grow a little beyond the end of the finger.  And apart from the lovely L, who ALWAYS notices, clever lady that she is, no-one has spotted it.

But the other difficulty I had was which nail polish to use.  I hate those bigger bottles with the long applicator with about three strands of brush at the end.  They are a nightmare to apply and getting the stuff off is horrendous.  And I put on finger nail polish and take it off with an alarming frequency, so I need something that is more gentle and easy to remove.  Up until recently I was using the really small little bottles of Max Factor’s Max Effect Mini nail varnish.  They are a pain because you get through their contents so quickly, but the really short applicator is easier for clumsy clots like me to use.

But recently, on a trip to have my photos done, the world of nail polish opened up for me.  Tracey of Trans-Femme fame introduced me to the world of Rimmel Pro.  Have you tried that stuff?  It is fantastic.  Not only does it come off easily, but the applicator is designed for putting the polish on in only a few quick strokes, so it is really wide, which is also good for us girls for whom nature has blessed with wider nails.  You get a great result.  So anyway, for those of you who like nailing up - go Rimmel!!  And they do that bemusing make up company thing of coming up with fantastic names too.  So I am currently enjoying my: Heart on Fire, Desire and Grape Sorbet bottles.  *big smile*

I know I could go false and they'd probably look better or last longer etc, but why miss out on all this fun?


  1. Thanks for the tip on Rimmel Pro, I'll give that a go soon. May I be nosey and ask what other colours you've got in your collection?

    As to painted toes, I think that's a lovely little luxury to indulge in.

    1. Indeed - I think its quite modest as I have to find storage space, but:

      Max Factor Nailfinity:
      - Dusky Rose
      - Rose Petal

      Max Factor Mini-Nail Polish:
      - Diva Pink (of course)
      - Candy Blue
      - Deep Mauve
      - Dazzling Blue
      - Ruby Tuesday

      Rimmel (other type)
      - Purple Pulse

      Great names eh? :o)

  2. Hi Rhiannon!
    Just found your blog, (I always start at the beginning and work forward – Lynn Jones has to delve in the past now and then when I find a topic I must comment on!).
    My nails in boy mode are 3-4 mm (just to the end of my fingers – sometimes over the end when I forget to shape them - they grow so fast!) anyway although I keep them as tidy as a boy can (?) I would love to paint them, but I can’t for obvious reasons, and I keep thinking of my toes, but as I am almost always bare foot at home, I can’t do them either someone may visit (sigh). I must say I smiled when you mentioned the boring meeting and the inner reflection to your girly side. I have the same day dream but not activated through painted toe nails but stockings! And to top it all I have to wear them! This is a long story and I will relate it if you want me to, but let me say now, they are not your thin sexy 20 den type but 140 den! It’s a shame, I would rather wear the 20 den, but I buy the sexist 140 den one can - better than nothing.
    P.S. Keep the blog going, it helps us all (you of course included ;-)

  3. I tend to keep mine longer, but am under spousal scrutiny, so avoid even clear nail varnish! I've experimented with lots of different types, but just left it to my feet. Easier in Winter I guess. I just love so much knowing that there is a little bit of me there. Its why I miss getting Rhiannon time so much at the moment. I would happily, without a thought go full time if it was left up to me.

    As for stockings, I've attended many client free meetings at work in Rhiannon mode - I love high denier tights and stockings too. But like most girls find tights easier really and less of a chore - and most times less indecent! I completely agree, high denier = really sexy! :o)

    Thank you for the encouragement to continue and for your comments - I guess of late I've lapsed, but the kind comments over the last few days have really pushed me to do more. I tend to find that blog reminds me too clearly of what I'm missing out on in my current self-enforced trans-drought... x