Tuesday, 21 February 2012

More frippery...

Given how sad I've been recently, particularly about my self-image of Rhiannon, a photo session I'd set up before Christmas was perfectly timed to happen yesterday.  I booked a longer session so that it could be really relaxed and could enjoy myself.  Anyway, apologies for creating another self-indulgent narcissistic blog, but hey, you only live once!

My normal miserablist blogs will return soon, never fear!


  1. Nice photos ~ and nothing wrong with doing anything that helps to lift the mood !


  2. Knickers to miserablism. Lovely snaps and you look like you're almost enjoying it. Well, almost ;-)


  3. Surely the moody pouty look suits me? It's my disguise against people who accuse me of enjoying it! :o)

    @Becca - thank you. I'm enjoying the new wig too - didn't think the longer look would work, but think I could hang out there for a while! Speak soon x

  4. Plus on the last one, not sure what's happening with the strange eyes. Think I might have been separated at birth with Sophie Ellis Bextor. Except she managed to stay small, whereas I was exposed to calories from an early age. :o)