Friday, 6 December 2013

And some days are happy days...

Today, in the office, working very hard, but really enjoying the joy of being Rhiannon.  I even like wearing my headset on my hair.

I'm sorry for the melancholia of previous posts.  I've been a bit down of late.  Today is a happy day:  white double layered top, purple cardigan, black jeans and healed boots.  Nice (hopefully) make up on and a very large smile.

We even have mince pies, stilton and a wee drop of wine for lunch time to get into the Christmas mood.  Add festive boppy songs into the background and who couldn't feel cheered.

For now, I wanted to mark it, that I'm happy :o) x


  1. And you DO look happy. Good days can be infrequent, and deserve special celebration.


  2. Good days are great. Happy Days? Just an old sitcom ;-)

    Glad to read that things are going well. L x

  3. Pah - you are allowed to moan on your own blog ! You have had to listen to my moaning a fair bit!

    You look great by the way

  4. Good days suit you, but you probably knew that already!

  5. Thank you so much girls - really really appreciate your support. All four of you are fantastic and I'm so grateful for your comments and help through thick and thin. xx