Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Female ratings? and androgyny

Don't worry, this isn't a Strictly Come Dancing situation where we have to hold up funny sticks indicating what score we are giving to any passing woman. Or to each other for that matter. Although I think there are some sites that allow you to do that. Off topic, but based on Strictly, wasn't Jason D amazing this week. This girl is in serious danger of getting a crush. Inappropriate, given my 37 years.

Anyway, to the point. I had a fun, interesting email exchange recently with Becca of http://rebeccas-introspective.blogspot.com fame. I was talking about how I want to try to start to blend my male and female personas together a little bit more. Effectively trying to wear female clothes or accessories while ostensibly in drab. I've heard tell that some people out there do this successfully. For example this might be (stereotypically) wearing more pink, or buying and wearing girl jeans, sporting girl socks or even wearing female body spray or perfume. Brave new world.

I'm struggling with this a little and Becca posed one of her usual insightful comments: "it sounds like everything you buy has to go through an internal check as to it's 'female rating' - if it's too high then it's not bought."

This really set me thinking and my reply was: "I definitely do have an internal female checking monitor.  I guess that it is to do with the fact that I've spent my life paranoid that someone might find out my secret.  The challenge now is that I want to raise the female rating level and I'm not quite sure where that new level should be. I need to be both happy personally and also have it so that I draw only the right level of attention to myself.  For example, and it sounds small, but I've started to use Oil of Olay as my moisturiser, but so far it's not drawn any attention, but ridiculously I was nervous when I started because it doesn't smell like a man should. I particularly try to think about what level will avoid tipping off Mrs A so she doesn't ask awkward questions.

"If we use a scale out of 10, previously if an item was above a 3, I'd have to reject it. Now I wonder how I could push it to level 5 to make me happy. And is that noticeable? In reality I want to be an 8 or a 9 out of 10. 

"In guy mode, I'm not very good at working out how to blend androgyny into my wardrobe.  So I have no real clothes that I can wear in boy mode.  I have a couple of pairs of girl jeans that I could wear, but I'm not sure if they look too obviously girl like.  I should ask one of my girl friends for a second opinion.  I think they are more obvious because they have that style of being tighter around the thighs and then they flare out.  Great for heels, but that might be too obvious!  But if I bought some girl boots with a low wedge heel, would that look to girly because they are girls shoes? I wear pink shirts and clothes etc, but they are very much in a man's style.  

"At the moment I'm growing longer nails and am determined to grow my hair out a bit. Things are starting to creep through. But wearing body spray or perfume would probably be a step too far.  I don't know anyone who wears ambiguous or even vaguely womanly perfume - if they did, I would assume that they were very gender ambiguous.  I'd assume that it was a big tell that they were transgendered."

The conversation went on and in reality I want an 11 where I present as a girl all the time, but given that is not realistically on the horizon, what to do? I was wondering what other people who have to live in male mode did to blend in their girl side - to be happy do you have to go to a 5 or above, or do you avoid it completely and push it to 3 or below because dressing as a girl a couple of times a month is enough? If you do try to blend, what do you do -- this girl for one is curious to know.


  1. Cool concept!

    I use body lotions daily (raspberry, cucumber melon, mango mandarin) that are fruity and not masculine. I keep my nails rather long for a male. I wear jewelry that is rather androgynous (necklace, bracelet). I sometimes will have a plain camisole or sports bra peeking up out of my shirt. The back of my hands are hair-free.

    I'm sure these have had people wondering, but no one has ever said anything at work. The big thing is that I don't care much what they think. It makes me better able to cope with presenting male.

  2. I have longer fingernails than most males, and they are trimmed and shaped rather femininely. I keep my legs, chest and underarms shaved, and trim the hair on my arms. I use a tinted moisturizer, and sometimes set it with powder. I keep my eyebrows shaped, too.

    Of course, in the summer, I generally give up wearing shorts outside (I wear them around the house). Strangely, given where I live (the deep South United States), I haven't found that to be a big burden. The things we do for beauty!

  3. @leslie ann - so great to hear from you - I've been keeping up with your news over at your blog! Thank goodness its winter and the shaving can come back out again! I'm not sure I'd have the nerve for a camisole - do you wear white or flesh coloured with a thick shirt or do you quite literally go for it!

    @lizzy - I completely agree, as I was up at 12.30am the other day, shaving, getting ready for some photos, I was thinking about when I crossed the line where doing this became so important!!

  4. My recent experience had been that people are either disinterested or just don't notice. Perfume, bracelet, moisturiser, sometimes a little foundation = transgender ?

    No - sometimes someone might mention I have had a hair cut but that's about it. I honestly think that the one people who really notice are observant girls who might think but never say - or may another T girl. Blokes? Forget it - they often don't notice changes their wives make - no chance seeing anything new with their colleagues.

  5. Hi, Rhi!

    Camisoles that might show themselves will be black or white, or maybe a nude shade. I have to forgo the pink ones. And no lace, of course. They must be worn with opaque, thicker shirts if the straps are thick. Some, though, have thin, elastic straps that don't show up under anything.

    Again, if someone notices, it's okay. I'm not trying to be the subject of gossip, but I'm not going out of my way to avoid it either.