Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Crying Game

I am, as usual, behind the times.  But I recently watched The Crying Game.  A film that features a transgender character and I really enjoyed it.  I’ve read the many blogs on the subject of films featuring t-girls of varying hues.  The reviews are often not very complimentary – e.g. whether an actual transgendered person should have played the character, whether it was representative etc.  To be honest I’m not even going to go there: it’s not an argument I’m qualified to get involved with.

Whilst the character was an obviously flawed person (which of us isn’t) I merely wanted to comment on some of her very endearing points that, on overall reflection meant that I really warmed to her.

Worryingly, I fear that these say far more about me than about her, but I’ll go for it anyway:

1. I loved the fact that she was so willing to be vulnerable.  Don’t get me wrong, she showed her strength overall, but her points of vulnerability were so touching.  I’m just such an old fashioned girl and on the few occasions I have been with a man as a girl, its one of the things that I most enjoyed.  Letting someone else control the situation.  I take control at times, but trusting that he was kind and would act in my interests too is very special.  It is an amazing gift you can give someone.  I get that this is not always through choice, but it’s a gift all the same.

2. Her neediness and humanity was so well played.  At one point in the film she assumes that the main character knows that she is transgendered.  He finds out in the worst possible way – staring at a pre-op girl with everything on display.  His reaction was pretty sad, but she seemed genuinely traumatised that she felt she had let him down and that he was upset with her.  Her neediness really set in from that point and knowing she’d found someone who was truly a gentleman (to her knowledge at that point) made her not want to lose him.  He was her hero and in true cinematic tradition, she became his heroine at the end, just before he rescues her right back.  Her spark of hope for a genuine relationship with the person she loved was compelling, especially when you consider that it could so easily be extinguished.  She bravely went with it anyway.  Some people hate neediness, but knowing someone else is relying on you to emotionally and physically support them is not a bad thing?  It was almost in the vain of Nancy from Oliver - another character who breaks my heart.  Women and bad boys.  Terrible combination.

3. She uses her femininity so well.  Clearly she is someone who (apart from the hands) is very convincing as a woman and she really does work her assets so well.   Oh to be able to do that!!  I said this didn’t reflect well on me!

And finally, I’ve thought this for a while, but Stephen Rea, the main character is quite attractive.  It seems we have very similar taste in men too!


  1. I watched that film with a feeling that something was different but had no understanding of what. I can still recall the shock and amazement to this day.


  2. From what you say, the film sounds very good. I think I'll dig it out and watch it.