Friday, 18 March 2011

From the sublime to the ridiculous...

OK, so some progress made on the decision.  It’s a bit of an all or nothing situation, but I think I’m nearly there.  As usual, blogging is is a great catalyst to my thinking.  Even if it is just telling myself that I’m useless at making decisions!  Its really odd how that works with me.

But that’s not the thought that grabbed me this morning.  The thought instead was one of pleasurable experiences.   This one may not be something that most people actually enjoy. In fact, on reflection, this also might have the effect of making you think that I’m weirder than you already do, but there you go.  The point is that I love shaving off my body hair!  There I’ve said it.

There is something really fun about the both the process of doing it and the result.  Lathering up with nice smelling shaving foam and therapeutically concentrating on removal.  Its really enjoyable.  I think it may lose its edge at some point, but I have been doing it for quite a while and not got bored yet.

Sometimes I Veet. Nothing wrong with that, my skin takes to it very well.  And the effect is long lasting.  But it feels a bit like cutting the lawn with a superfast mower instead of getting a perfect job done with scissors!

I’ve never been for a wax before, but have some back hair that is fluffy, non-gorilla like and completely impossible to reach without some kind of unachievable contortion.  I am contemplating booking in because I hate seeing it every time I get near a mirror and it ruins the effect of a backless frock :-).  So any advice on that would be appreciated.

But however I do it, the smoothness afterwards is just the best feeling ever.  Its not fair that for so long that sensation has been the reserve of girls, swimmers and cyclists.

As a final point: (a disclaimer) please accept my apology if this was far too much information to share.  Especially this early in the morning.  But as I said before the thought grabbed me.  And sometimes, for better or worse, you just have to go with it.

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  1. Nothing cringe-inducing there for me. Sounds like an anecdote I could've written. I have the same back hair issues, and I have solved it by not wearing anything backless. I would ask my wife to help me with it, but I think that would go badly.

    Looking forward to "The Decision", whatever it might be.