Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Boring Old Boy

So, after regaling you with my depressed feelings at the weekend – sorry about that.  Today, well some of today, was better.  First things first, thank you.  Becca and Karen – your kind words were so appreciated at a low point.  I'm really grateful that you took the time to encourage me.  I don’t get upset that often, but when I do, it can be spectacular!

Work was mad today.  As usual I am trying to do much in an unrealistic timeframe.  But that’s what I’m like really.  But I got back late today from work and just was in the mood to do the whole works. So I shaved, put on my glad rags, took ages to put on my make up and really enjoyed doing it.  Ate pasta and had a nice bottle of wine.  Whiled away the time watching TV, responding to a few emails, chatting to friends.  Vacuousness alert: friends are really fantastic, I really love them!

Anyway: at the risk of sounding schizophrenic – sometimes being Rhiannon is the best thing in the world.  Challenging and in many ways difficult to accept.  Always hard when the look isn’t completely what I want, but its still better than being a boring old boy anyday.  And feeling normal in a dress is priceless.  I wish it would be more than a few hours at a time.


  1. I am glad that my words can help - you know that many of us go through periods of self doubt and what makes it harder is that often we are isolated to a great extent. Its not as if we can go to out freinds or collagues and say I hate the way I look is a dress.

    We just end up internalising and I know that gets me know where - except depressed.

    Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and away you go again !

  2. Hi Rhiannon,
    Glad things have brightened for you (even if only shortly and temporarily). It seems no matter how low or long the clouds hang in the sky, one glimpse of a sunny day has a way of totally rejuvenating the soul, don't you think?

    Much love,

  3. :o) Thank you!

    And Kate - 100% definitely. I flew off for a long weekend in the sun last weekend. If the sun won't come to you...

    It made me feel so much better!