Monday, 28 November 2016

Short and very very self-indulgent…

So, I know that this blog is one of the shortest I’ve ever written (yay you say!).  I feel like I should find some cute cat pictures to pad it out a little :o).  I have been writing blogs, but just haven’t been finishing them.  Note to self - stop being too busy.

Regular readers know that I really struggle with my weight - I’m a bit large really.  I’ve joined a great group (and awesome leader) who are really helping me get the bulk off.  Part of my success with this is that I’m forced to hold myself to account to other people.  If I didn’t and it was just down to me, I’d just gorge myself on pizza instead: the scales themselves aren't enough to motivate me.

So in the spirit of holding myself to account - and honestly, in the hope of some sisterly encouragement, I determined also to log my weight loss journey on my blog.  I’ve promised it before and failed, so this time I will stick to my plan which includes reporting my weight loss once every month.  And I haven’t so far and Wednesday is the last opportunity for November.

So *drumroll please* - I’ve been on my weight loss programme for 11 weeks and I have now lost 35lbs (2.5 stones / 16kgs).  Still a very long way to go - my aim is at least 10 stone and to reach a UK14 size, but its a good start.  

Anyway, there you go, the shortest blog ever!  I thank you... :o)


  1. Congratulations, hope feeling better is reward and encouragement to continue.

  2. Well done indeed. Hope it's going well.

  3. Thank you all - I really appreciate your comments. Desperately want to be a skinny minnie! :o) Months of boring weight loss to go, but hopefully I'll get there! x

  4. 35lb in 11 weeks is a fantastic achievement, Rhiannon. You've proved to yourself that you can do it, so try to stay focused over Christmas (not too many mince pies!), then the New Year will be your best one for decades.

    Your friends in group and here are cheering you on your way, so go for it, girl!

    Angie x

    1. O crumbs, I'm beginning to sound like a Slimming World consultant. Sorry! Still think you're doing great, though.

    2. lol, I thought you sounded encouraging - and it was really appreciated! I like SW consultants! Somehow another 2 off this week, so up to 37lbs after a bump in the road - but back on the case again now. Want my 3 stone shiny before the end of the year x

  5. You rock, girl!!! :D Congratulations!!!!