Friday, 5 February 2016

Selfie February

Morning.  Please forgive the quality of my selfies - first two on computer and third on my phone. Clearly I need some work on both my selfie technique (the lighting in particular) - and on me!  (And that isn't fishing for compliments - its selfie self feedback!).  But just felt pretty in pink this morning, so thought I'd post.  Please be gentle!  :o) xxx


  1. Nothing wrong with those selfies. Loving the scarf and necklace. V posh!

    1. Could you be any more lovely? I'm definitely coming to Chams soon. Would be so great to catch up -- been far too long! xxx

  2. Looking lovely Rhi, it's so wonderful to be reading how happy you are at the moment, you go girl and long may it continue! x

    1. Thank you Danielle! I really appreciate it and am so happy, it's unexpected! Can't wait to meet up with you and to pass it on! xxx

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