Thursday, 2 July 2015

The case of the irritating sandal…

I really love sandals.  There, I said it.  Perhaps not the most glamourous of footwear, but comfy and shows off painted toenails a treat.  Over the last few years the trend has been in my favour - lots of sandals with just a toe post and no back to them.  Perfect.  I have a size 10 wide (oaf) feet and that design works for me.

This year, naively, I decided to update my sandal collection.  I love the fact that you can buy sparkly jewellery topped sandals.  They are sooooo cute, I just couldn’t resist.  They have a leather back but my foot still fits perfectly into them, they look wonderful.  Cinderella shall go to the ball.


Except they have a mangle of straps that are supposed to go over the top of your foot and clearly the designers have not thought about oaf feet when they supplied the straps.  The straps are about 4 inches (9-ish centimetres) too short.  I have a lovely thing on my foot, but I can’t do it up.  Irritating.  Surely the fact that someone has bought a size 10-wide means that the rest of the foot is also larger and isn’t a weird flat shape - i.e. the length of an overgrown woman and the height of a prepubescent 8 year old.

Another shoe sadly consigned to the charity shop.  Shame really as I saw a lady the other day wearing the same sandal.  With jeans and a cute top, she looked amazing.  I was looking forward to emulating the look, but clearly shoe designers (as ever) hate us…


  1. When shoe designers make a model of a proposed shoe design do you think that they make it in a popular shoe size? NO, they make it in a size so small almost nobody will ever buy, the rest of us can go hang!

    The larger the feet the more we need sliming design and better fit but as with clothing we are treated like outcasts and usually have to pay many times the price others pay for footwear just to get something acceptable. Want something to lift the heart? Dream on...

    There is a fortune to be made by the first company to corner the big girls shoe market...

    1. I completely agree. In the past I have bought clothes from Dorothy Perkins and I get their daily sales email. My heart sinks every time it features shoes. They are often so pretty with lovely designs and I know that if we are lucky they'll go up to size 8.

      Commercially you can understand the mass market nature of it, but I also agree with you that there must be some kind of market. I know that Jenny of Large Blooming Flower has commented on this a lot and maintains useful lists of where you can go for larger shoes. Getting hold of them is less of a problem than trying to get hold of nice ones that are cute rather than the dull ones they think they can shift in slightly higher quantities. So frustrating.