Friday, 5 April 2013


This is a really short blog that is more of a marker for me in my Rhiannon journey.  I have been working hard on improving my make up skills, developing my look, undergoing painful waxing etc so that I can see what I want to see in the mirror.  So I can look at myself and be truly  happy for the first time ever.

Earlier this week, I was looking at a photo of me that I'd taken of myself and apart from slightly flushed cheeks (I was next to the radiator), I felt the start of feeling happy with myself.

I'm not suggesting I'm an oil painting (yet), but I was so overjoyed at just how much progress I'm making.   To boot, I've been really working hard on dieting and weight loss over the last week - I'm determined to get my weight down for lots of reasons.  So when I got on the scales and they said I was half a stone lighter, I was a very happy bunny.  And I resisted having a biscuit to celebrate!

Verdict: still a long way to go, but today, I'm smiling. :o)


  1. You look excellent, and I wouldn't say the flushed cheeks detract. Congratulations on such a weight loss!


  2. I like the look !

    Good for you Rhi

  3. You have changed - and a nice way too. <3

  4. Rhiannon, your little smile says it all. You look nice Honey and you should be pleased with what you've achieved,

  5. I, for one, think the flushed cheeks look adorable. :c)

    Congratulations, Rhiannon!

    == Cass