Saturday, 17 November 2012

Its all about proportions

Its been a funny few weeks.  A lot has happened which I don’t have time to cover here right now.  But, to sum it up: shopping, bags, dressing in public for the first time and going Rhiannon-style to the pub.  The place to start is shopping and bags.  But I promise that a blog on trips out will follow on very soon.

One of my multitalented friends, S, helps people to think about how to manage their personal impact on the world.  As part of that she runs a biannual presentation on what is trending in ladies' fashion.  I’ve talked about this in a previous blog.  One of my other friends, L, ‘drags’ me along to ‘support’ her.  OK, so we say that to hide my embarrassment at being the only ‘man’ amongst 50-70 women.  And yes, I’m not going to include any more ‘air quotes’.  They annoy me too.

So one of the points of the excellent presentation this time round dealt with proportions.  Specially selecting bags that match your size.  Its hard to tell from my photos as there are no reference points, but I’m large.  Not tall as such (5’11).  But certainly rotund.  The point was well illustrated when S, who is a larger lady too, obtained a little bag from a member of the audience.  Against S’ frame, the bag looked ridiculous.  Apparently, if you are a larger girl, the top tip is to accessorise by using larger items - e.g. big jewellery and big bags.  Who knew?  Probably everyone except me.  But the point is that I rarely need a reason for shopping, so when I have an actual reason, I’m even happier!  :o)

But the question is where to go to obtain a well proportioned bag without resorting to buying a bin liner?  I searched in all of the obvious places and realised that I needed to go down the tote route.  On the night of the presentation, there was a company selling bags, so I strayed to their website and guess what - I found what I was looking for.  And great value too.  I’m not on their payroll - honest.  So, I went to MiaTui and ordered one of their Amelie bags.  In aubergine since you didn’t ask.  This week, it arrived! And in the flesh it is even better.  I thought that I could only get cheered up by buying shoes, but I now know that the magic works with bags too.

I tried it on the shoulder and I think the proportions work really well.  There is a picture of the bag above.  In a couple of weeks I am having some more photos taken at the lovely Trans-Femme.  I’m intending to include the bag with one of my outfits, so you will be able to judge the proportions for yourself.


  1. Are you developing some expensive habits ? I look forward to seeing those photos :-)

    1. Me? Never! Did you think it was expensive - that's worrying. I thought it was good value. I must be more of a upmarket girl than I thought :o) Ooops.

  2. A bag habit now eh? Tut tut. ;-) It does look nice and I think I'm with you on the larger accessories front. Tiny jewellery gets lost on me too.

    PS: Tagged you! :-)

    1. I just can't believe that I was so thick for so long without realising it. I love dainty, but I'm just not the dainty kind - no matter how much I wish I was.

      Thanks for the tag - would be more than happy to do it.

      I should be at Chams this week again too - got a party dress and everything!! :o)

    2. Tell me about it. :-) "But it looked so nice on the display!" :-D

      I'll look forward to your answers and also to seeing you next week. Party (frocks) on! :-D