Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Some days its Shrek, others its Fiona

Why is it that some mornings I wake up thinking I look like Princess Fiona and other days its Shrek looking back at me?

When its Fiona, its not the slim, long red haired princess version of Fiona.  Clearly.  Its an ogre either way, but sometimes I look at my body and think that although the build and shape all feels wrong, its wrong in a Fiona ogre kind of way.  I don’t about you, but I think the animators did a great job with her.  They really made someone, putting it kindly, who has the shape that is a cross between an apple and a rugby player look gloriously feminine and beautiful.  So what if I have odd taste.

When you look at a picture of her, you realise that they have used all the right tricks: proportion to other characters, hair, eyebrows, boobs are all well drawn.  But beyond that, she has the complete ogre look.  In the world of us having women we aspire to look like - and seriously, I’m not going for the sympathy vote, if I could achieve that I’d be really pleased.   A woman who looks great and feminine with a similar body shape to me has to be a little bit of a heroine!

Clearly I’d much rather look like the original slim Princess Fiona, but surely there has to be some realism into the mix?  Especially when there are some days when I look in mirror and all I can see is Shrek staring back to me.  Today is one of those days.  

I’d been building myself up to start going out a little bit and to testing out whether I would just be a stare-fest or whether I might at least get ignored by most people.  I have such high goals don’t I?  But I’ve decided that staying under the duvet is probably a better thing to do.  Let’s not inflict another Shrek wearing Fiona’s clothes into the world eh?

Oh and Diet?  Schmiet.  This month, I’m not going there.  But Monday sees the start of a serious and aggressive diet that I expect to shift large amounts of weight and quickly.  *fingers crossed*


  1. I'm with you on the Shrek feelings - although I'm more Desperate Dan (psst - not *that* type of desperate! :-P) myself. :-)

    If it's any help, everyone is a different size and once you get under people's radar, you find lots of people don't like how they look. Big girls want to be thin, thin girls don't want to look bony, curly tops want straight locks and sleeksters want big curls. Go figure. Humans eh? :-)

    But cod commentary aside: just go for it. Dress nicely, look your best and go stare the world in the eye.... even if it's from behind sunglasses (dahlink)

  2. Whereas I'm DEFINITELY that type of Shrek?

    I know exactly what you mean and I just need to take the bull by the horn, my skin is not so thick yet that extreme stares won't be off putting. I'm just being a wimp, but it made me realise that I don't have to go from A to Z immediately, there are 24 other possible stages along the way... Phew. I'm a big boned curly top. Definitely want to be a thin straighty.

    I think sunglasses are a good idea - let's just hope the wettest drought in history doesn't make even the shades look stupido. x